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Good afternoon, August 6, 2017
I got a call yesterday from Gen. Carter Ham, CEO of the Association of the United States Army.

He called to inform me the Patriot Guard has been awarded their prestigious “National Service Award”.  The award is presented each year to an organization in recognition of exemplary service and enduring support to the American Soldier and the United States Army community.We are in pretty good company as previous recipients are the Gary Sinise Foundation and the Honor Flight Network.

We’ve said many times that “It’s not about us,” and indeed it is not. It’s about the heroes and the families we serve. What this award means is that the US Army community has acknowledged our commitment to them, that we cherish them and honor their service and their sacrifices to keep us free.

My voice betrayed my emotion as I accepted this award on behalf of all of our brothers and sisters that stand in the flag line. It was an honor I’ll not soon forget.As always, thank you for what you do.

Rob “bees” Butler

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