Asst. State Captain East
Randy Ward
Sioux Falls Area
(605)  359-8719

 Asst. HOTH East
Becky Ward
Sioux Falls Area
(605)  351-8142

Ride Captains for the State of South Dakota

Sr. Ride Captain,  Ed Andersh, Rapid City Area  (605) 209-7632

Dick Turnwall, Rapid City Area (605) 645-7442
Glen Talley, Custer Area (605) 673-5277
Ray Anderson, Platte Area (605) 469-5736
Dennis Holmlund, De Smet / Huron Area (605) 203-1095
Rick Brownell, Watertown Area (605) 237-5162
Paul Fiskum, Sioux Falls Area (605) 366-7073
Greg Mattheisen, Sioux Falls Area (507) 220-2315
Dave Abbott, Yankton Area (605) 661-6233
Cliff Gilsdorf, Yankton Area (605) 670-0821
Mike Kumm, S.E. SD Area (618) 218-2360

Cleta Lentsch SD HOTH Coordinator

Pat Baird, Asst. HOTH (Western Area)
Paul Fiskum, Asst. HOTH (Eastern Area)
Skye Thomsen, Asst. HOTH (Eastern Area)
Becky Ward, Asst. HOTH (Eastern Area)