Help on the Homefront:

“Standing For Those Who Stood For Us”

It is the intention of the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) to assist the Veteran’s community by taking a proactive role in the lives of our Veterans and the societies they protect and defend. The PGR wishes to serve all heroes, not only the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice but also those whose lives have been forever changed by the actions and events of his or her service to the United States of America. The physical condition of some of these Veterans often creates overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Often, they will struggle with issues interfering with sense of pride, accomplishment, and personal satisfaction.  For most, life will never be the same. It is our intention and vision to secure a place in our communities that will continue to honor and assist these heroes with the dignity and respect they deserve. They are true American heroes who must overcome their disabilities. They are our friends, family members and neighbors; it is an honor to be in their confidence. This confidence must not be taken lightly. We should visit and befriend these Veterans. We should be waiting with open arms to help them. Finally, we must maintain this sacred trust we develop for as long as these Veterans need us, up to and including a lifetime if the need exists. The PGR’s Help On The Homefront (H.O.T.H.) means a great deal of comfort and success to the Veterans who are now faced with living a very different life than the rest of us. It is our hope that any Rider who cannot make honor missions due to work commitments, financial reasons, or family duty may find in this program, an avenue to support our Veterans and their families at a time when they most need it. It is with the support of our ever-growing membership, Government and military coordination, and the mutual support and respect of other organizations, that the PGR H.O.T.H program is a success.
To get involved contact the a H.O.T.H. coordinator near you:

Cleta Lentsch HOTH Coordinator (Salem) email

Pat Baird Asst. HOTH (West River -Custer)
Paul Fiskum Asst. HOTH (East River – Sioux Falls)
Skye Thomsen Asst. HOTH (East River-Brandon)
Becky Ward Asst. HOTH (East River-Sioux Falls)