Who We Are!

Our Goal

1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.

2. Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.


Who We Are

Only a few members from Sioux Falls Pictured- PhotoTaken Brooking SD

Why we do what we do.

What others have to say about us?

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Contact Information: Please feel free to contact us to Schedule a Mission or an Event!

Jim Lentsch-State Captain
MSgt. Army (30yrs Ret.)
Salem, SD
(605) 425-3003=H
(605) 240-0024=C

Steve Dutton

Asst. State Captain-West
Rapid City, SD

Randy Ward
Asst. State Captain-East
Sioux Falls, SD
(605) 359-8719=C